Everyday I wake up and do the same mundane tasks. Including brushing my teeth, heading to work, and making sure the doors are locked at night. Seems boring right? Well to the average person, it is. When you look deeper, these mundane things aren't actually what they seem. Using the colour pink as medium, I wanted to create a discussion on the way to broad issue of inequality. Why are there so many ways women are experiencing it? .​​​​​​​
print & social media
Filling the streets with the #themeaningofpink  and encouraging citizens to flood the street all dressed in yellow, would create a sense of community and make the conversation happen. Why yellow? Yellow is a gender neutral colour, symbolizing equality in genders. Street lights, side walks, bus benches all covered in yellow, with the print ads placed throughout. This contrast and bold colour would stand out to people passing by. Pictures would be taken by the crowd and placed all over social media and the news, giving the campaign momentum to be shared all over.
Imagine a streets covered in yellow and pink, what PR buzz that would be. 
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